Holy Cow, it’s Raining…and Time is FLYING!

After weeks of unending beautiful days it actually rained out here in Santa Barbara. Crazy! I never knew this gorgeous town could actually take on some semblance of “normal winter weather”. Can’t complain though as the clouds are now rolling away and it’s supposed to be in the 70s again by Wednesday…rock on west coast!

Now that we have officially been living here more than a month (what?? I can’t believe when I say it out loud), I have been seriously trying to pull myself back into the photography world. Though other annoying tasks still exist…yes DMV, I’m talking about you. I’ll get there at some point with all my little forms and fees ready.

All I want to do is grab my camera and start shooting the beautiful scenery, wonderful families and beautiful brides and grooms. Two problems with that: 1) seeing as I’m new to the area and haven’t built a client base yet, I’m guessing random people would be a bit creeped out if I started photographing their children randomly in public and brides and grooms may not be into the “wedding photographer crasher” idea, and 2) I have SOOOOOO much behind the scenes work to catch up on. So here I sit, making progress…yet still kind of procrastinating. Fighting with HTML and having stern, yet somehow one-sided, conversations with development software.

I know these days will pass and I’ll be back to actually photographing and working with people once again. The question is just, when?? Seriously, when? If anyone knows, I’ll bake you some cookies. For now here is one of my favorites so far of Santa Barbara. I’ve already shared it on Facebook, but forgot to post it here. Why is keeping up with both Facebook and a blog so hard?? Ok, maybe it’s just me. For now it’s time to pop open a beer and make some dinner. Cheers!

Gulls in Santa Barbara

L~ F~:

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