Six Months…Already?!

Six months ago today Zach and I awoke early in our totally empty house, aside from my friend’s air mattress and our remaining suitcases. We frantically packed up the rest of our stuff while I followed the cats around begging them to have their pill pocket “treats”…apparently not so secretively containing their sleepy meds. We were leaving behind Charlottesville, Virginia, our home for six years, and I was terribly sad to say goodbye. The trip to California was an adventure to say the least, one that may I add, I hope I never have to do again! Well regarding the part where I had to cart my two, kinda big, cats around an airport while they cried constantly and clawed away at their carriers. Side note, the sedatives were not calculated for an 18 pound cat…they just weren’t!

So much as happened in the six months since that day, personally and professionally. My husband has taken to his job like a fish to water. Which after making such a major move for the job, we were both definitely pumped about! I joined soccer and volleyball immediately knowing it was the best way to meet people. And wouldn’t you know it, a soccer teammate is from Philly and a Flyers fan. In heaven!! I’ve progressed with portrait sessions as well as some collaborative work with Santa Barbara Parks & Rec and Albertsons grocery stores. Obviously I’ve stubbled a long the way…it just wouldn’t be me without a little awkwardness and mistakes. But I couldn’t be more grateful for all the people I have met. Lilly & Louise designed my super awesome new logo and Alegria by Design has worked with me as such a huge support in this new world.

As I plow ahead, I do still desperately miss my family and friends in Philly, Jersey, Virginia and Arkansas, but I can see our new lives building here and am hopeful for our future as Californians. Hey, I used hate avocados, but now I am perfecting homemade guac, so I’d say I’m settling in. Here’s to all the people I have met so far here and to all those I am sure to meet in the future!

Gulls Overhead
Santa Barbara CourthouseSanta Barbara East Beach PanoramicSanta Barbara ZooSterns Warf at NightJune Gloom in Goleta



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