Philadelphia Engagement Portraits | Matt & Katie

Last month I was so pumped to head back to the east coast for a visit with family and friends in Philly and Long Beach Island. Nothing against my beautiful new home, but I’m just a little obsessed with the beaches I grew up on and my all time favorite food spots back east. Sandbox Café on LBI…I’m talking about you!

I was even more excited to spend an afternoon in downtown Philly with Matt (who just happens to be one of my many cousins back home) and his beautiful fiancé, Katie. Both teachers and completely adorable together, they were a total joy to photograph. We wandered around the Philadelphia Art Museum and Ben Franklin Parkway while dodging tourists doing their best Rocky impression and attempting to remain cool on a crazy hot day in the city. And despite the heat, I think we came up with some pretty great engagement portraits!

Congratulations Matt and Katie!

L~ F~:
  • Gabby

    Beautiful! Love these–will make for terrific memories! xoxo Gabby

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