Professional Large Print Samples

Last week I decided to finally order some new print samples. I was like a kid in a candy store picking out my new prints…ok and I’m also like a kid when in a REAL candy store, but that’s neither here nor there right now. Working with Millers Professional Lab, I am thrilled to offer my clients high end archival prints. Coated with an archival coating that prevents fading and mounted on a 2mm thick styrene sturdy substract resistant to heat and humidity, means these puppies are bad to the bone! Oh wow, please don’t hold that description against me…

These are my favorite non-standard sizes. This 15×30 panoramic can really show you off as well as any spectacular background you have at your shoot.

And sometimes a 20×20 square print is just what the situation calls for! These are also great to cluster together to large wall grid. Prehaps one large print of each of your beautiful children?! Come back later to check out some gallery wrap canvas and album samples!

Also check out my wedding and engagement album samples as well as my gallery wrap canvas samples!

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