Making Connections & Catching Sunsets

After making several major moves in my life, I guess I’ve kind of gotten a little, how should I say, aggressive in my meeting new people. I don’t mean that in a bad way…well I don’t think I do! I just know the only way I’ve made contacts and expanded my career and personal life is by talking to everyone. Seriously EVERYONE! Talking with the man who came to repair my furniture, Shane Williams, he referred me to Leslie Lewis Sigler, an extremely talented painter, graphic designer AND print designer. I shot her a quick email introducing myself and now we are meeting for coffee next week to discuss the wedding business in Santa Barbara. And I should also mention Shane Williams is an unbelievably talented craftsman himself! Then just today, I stopped for a quick minute to say hello to a neighbor on my way to the gym and he just happened to know a wedding planner in town and gave me his contact information. Crazy!

I don’t pretend to know everything about building a business, in fact it’s probably quite the opposite, which is why I love meeting new people and getting to know how they got where they are and sharing our stories. I just wanted to share my experiences in case by some chance there is another small business owner out there in a new town with no idea where to start. Trust me, I understand. It’s not easy, but once you put yourself out there you can meet some truly amazing people.

In the coming months I know I’ll have to keep emailing every photographer, wedding professional, etc. I can find to introduce myself and ask if they want to meet for coffee. Some respond, some don’t. But I know it’s the best, heck likely the only, way to build the business and my life again.

In the mean time, after long days at home staring at my monitor, sometimes I drive to the beach at sunset. Which for me is an amazing gift! I’m so used to the beach being a mark of summertime at the Jersey shore where I would only feel the sand between my toes a few times a year. Now I can hop on the Vespa and be touching the water within five minutes. It still blows my mind! On this particular evening I thought I’d work on a little HDR image. High Dynamic Range images are still kind of a mystery to me, but I’m trying. 🙂

Isle Vista sunset HDR


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