Marathon Runners & Reality TV

So yesterday I happened upon the LA Marathon heading right by my brother’s place. And seriously, I envy people who can motivate themselves to train for and run a marathon! The thought of running 26.2 miles just makes me shudder. However, I feel I did my part of the LA Marathon encouraging the runners by cheering them on and snapping a few shots on my walk to a nice hot breakfast with my brother’s girlfriend. Spoken like a true retired college athlete! (Who am I kidding, I hated running even in my college soccer days.)

Following my ‘oh so inspiring’ part in the LA Marathon, I was thrilled to have a chance to work on a reality television show set with my brother. The last time we ‘worked’ together was in our early teen years when we played on the same soccer team. Remembering the constant bickering and highly different opinions on what was good for the team, I was curious to see how this would go! Though believe it or not, 15 years gives a lot of time for growing up. 😉

Filming a television show is strikingly similar to putting on a wedding. And is a VERY similar position for a photographer, though instead of dodging florists, caterers, and bands, I danced around the film crew. And I could not have asked for a nicer group to work with my first time in television. I begged them to just kick me if I got in their way, and I’m happy to announce I walked away with not a single bruise on my shins. Score! I won’t be able to share my photos with you now, but if they ever end up on the show’s website, I will certainly point you in that direction.

Today I’m off to Orange County for portraits of two adorable siblings. The ‘OC’…prior to these last few months of living in California, I only thought of this area as a county for crazy rich kids from that show. Alas, it seems quite normal!

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