Taking a Break to Celebrate Life

Five months ago we sadly left behind a life in Virginia that we loved. Seriously, Charlottesville was awesome! Though I can’t complain about my current living situation either. I mean, if I did complain about living in Santa Barbara, I would freely allow anyone to slap me. For real.

Nonetheless as everyone does, I struggled to meet new people in my new home. When I realized my 3oth birthday was rapidly approaching and I wanted to feel a bit at home, I figured what better way to celebrate than to invite an old friend out to visit. Brandy and I have been friends since meeting in Mr. Pratt’s 8th grade science class, and even with living so far apart for so many years now we have remained very close. Four days slammed packed with wine tasting, clam chowder and fish taco gorging, shopping, kayaking, getting a taste of Beverly Hills livin’, and a daily dose of laughing until we cry…I’d say that’s a pretty good way to ring in our next decade! Cheers to you both Brandy and Keith!!

For now back to reality and work. Well at least until Thursday when more amazing friends arrive! Gotta love living in Southern Cali!! Happy Monday and I hope each of you gets a chance to laugh until you cry this week. 🙂

L~ F~:
  • Brandy

    What a great trip! You are certainly the hostess with the mostess. I’m detoxing this week with less tasty food and beverage. ho-hum. Have fun with Jen and Ryann! Love you guys!

  • Ryan

    Thanks for the hospitality and fun times, Leah and Zach. Like Brandy, I’ll be detoxing this week as well. It was a blast. Happy Birthday to you two and keep on having fun in that warm California sun!

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