Old Spanish Days Fiesta!

Last weekend I again partnered with Santa Barbara Parks & Rec to photographic the Children’s Parade during Old Spanish Days Fiesta. Still considering myself a “newbie” to Santa Barbara, I knew exactly ZERO about Fiesta. So being the 21st century of social networking I headed to the Old Spanish Days Fiesta Facebook page to learn more:

Old Spanish Days Fiesta is a Santa Barbara tradition that has continued for over 85 years for a number of important reasons. It fosters a unique spirit among locals who participate; it is an important coming together which encourages community cooperation, collaboration, and growth…The annual event provides an education to residents and visitors about the history, customs, and traditions of the American Indian, Spanish, Mexican, and early American settlers that comprise the rich cultural heritage of Santa Barbara. Old Spanish Days Fiesta is not only a unique forum for the cultural expression of our diversity, but it also provides a vehicle for the non-profit and community service groups to raise funds for local charities and social service organizations.

Raising funds for local nonprofits, concert after concert, adorable kiddos dressed up and dancing…and did I mention, FOOD…sign me up!! I had a great time photographing the kids as they got pumped to perform down a packed State Street. Oh and I also learned if someone comes up and cracks a confetti filled egg on your head…it’s a sign of affection they aren’t being a jerk. 🙂 FIESTA!

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L~ F~:

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