Old Snapshot Inspiration

Have you ever found a photo that totally epitomized your childhood??? When home on Long Beach Island I was at my friend’s house looking through her recent wedding pictures from beautiful Cabo. After awhile we found ourselves digging through old boxes of photos from our childhood. I totally fell in love with this one photo with all of us, simply marked on the back “the kids ’88”. It looks like it was one of those chilly shore afternoons with Meg in her sweat shirt and Lauren and I wrapped in towels on our super sweet rusted beach chair. Yet my brother seems unfazed. Of course in our true style, we don’t leave the beach, just snuggle up and take photos.

I love this photo so much I had to do something with it. Inspired by some frames I saw in a boutique on the island, I decided to decoupage one of my photos of the island’s Barnegat Lighthouse on a frame to surround this classic little photo. I had to crop the lighthouse to where it would work to cut a 5×7 hole in the middle, and I ran some antiquing actions to make it more subtle on the frame.

After about four layers of the Mod Podge, I have my final frame. Now just three more duplicates to go for my brother and dear friends Meghan and Lauren to celebrate our 30 years of LBI-ing it together every SINGLE summer!

I hope I’ve inspired you to create some new projects with old snapshots. OH, and I forgot to mention, the frame is from Michael’s. At 40% off with an additional 25% off coupon, this does NOT have to be an expensive project. 🙂 Happy framing.


L~ F~:
  • Kim Connolly

    You, my dear, are brilliant! When my mom passed away this year, my sister and I inherited dozens of photo albums. You just gave me an idea for truly meaningful Christmas gifts.

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