Professional Wedding & Engagement Album Samples

Long gone are the days of printing your favorite 20 8x10s from your wedding and sliding them into an off the shelf album. Not to say those albums didn’t have their place in their time…I love and cherish my grandmother’s album like this. However, in today’s world and with professional printers like Millers Lab and custom album designers, I am able to offer extremely customized albums for my happy couples!

Different packages offer choices of my three main albums: 12×12 flush mount panoramic wedding album, 8×8 layflat duplicate ‘parent’ albums, and 12×12 layflat guest books featuring engagement portraits. All albums come with a genuine leather cover (offered in variety of colors) with pages printed on true photographic paper. The flush mount album pages are dry mounted together with a thick substract mounted between pages offering an extra thick premium feel. Layflat albums are printed on the same high quality photographic paper, only the pages are dry mounted directly together, offering a more compact feel. (Also check out my gallery wrap canvas samples and large print samples.)


Following your big day, you select your favorite images to tell your wedding day love story. Those picks are then professionally assembled into digital layouts for each spread. When you love your layout, the panoramic layouts are printed as a single print, then mounted together. Parent 8×8 albums are a smaller duplicate of your beautiful main album, great for holiday gifts for your parents or as a handy 0n-the-go version to share when you visiting friends.

Guest books are my favvvvvvorite new item! I bet if you ask most people ‘how often do you look at your wedding guest book’ the answer would most likely be ‘ummm, never’. My guest books are designed using your favorite images from your engagement portrait session and are printed on the same high quality photographic paper as other albums. Your pages are then arranged to give plenty of room around your images for all those signatures and tid bits of wisdom from your adoring guests. (Don’t worry, I include a special pen for your guests to use on the photos as to not damage them.) Now you can always go back and remember how you looked AND read all the beautiful little notes your family and friends left for you!


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