Introducing the High School Senior Ambassador Program!

Is your high school senior outgoing and loves to be in front of the camera? They could be a great fit for our new Ambassador Program! All ambassadors receive a free extended on location shoot featuring three to five of their favorite outfits and accessories. Over a $125 value!

Following the shoot, Leah Valentine Photography will provide you and your senior with rep cards to distribute featuring one of their photos. When another senior books with Leah Valentine Photography using your senior’s rep card, you will work your way towards earning free prints!

Call 805.364.0204 or email by October 31, 2012 to apply!

Senior Portraits rep card for Leah Valentine


L~ F~:
  • I just wanted to send a quick message I watched Sal Cincotta’s HS Boot camp and I did a google search to see what else I should put on my rep cards and everything on your card was in my notes from Sal’s class. I’m assuming you watched the same class too? If not, what a small world. I had the honor of meeting Sal for his wedding boot camp he had on creativeLIVE and the man is a machine. Anyway, just wanted to reach out and say hello:) Good luck with your high school seniors. I have 3 ambassadors working for me and 2 of them have braces on so I can’t take their photos for another month. Lesson learned…check out the kids teeth and ask them when the braces come off:):)

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