Commercial Valentine Photography with Jessica Foster Confections

I think it’s pretty clear that I love Valentine’s Day…I think it’s basically a requirement when it’s your family name. And if I haven’t previously made it clear I also LOVE chocolate. It’s a pretty good thing then that I recently teamed up with Jessica Foster Confections again to photograph her new Valentine’s Day products! (See my previous post with Jessica’s Halloween chocolates.)

She is offering the classic heart shaped box in two sizes. Small mixed truffles and a small box of her salted carmel filled chocolate hearts. I can speak from experience…both are to die for!


Her large heart box has is ALL, truffles, the salted caramel hearts, and mint sticks. My husband plowed through several mints with a latte last night. AMAZING combo. 🙂


She also has smaller boxes that are just as great for Valentine’s Day! And of course her adorable pup, Rook, was hanging out with us during the shoot. Had to get one photo of him! I hope you all enjoy the happiest of Valentine’s Days!


Check out her website to get in touch with her today for your amazing box of Valentine’s Day sweets!!

L~ F~:

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