Wedding Day Tips for Better Photography

You have done so much work to get to your wedding day and make it so perfect for you, your fiancé, and all your friends and family. But when it comes down to the nitty gritty it can be easy to forget some details that can really show through in your wedding photos. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to get the most out of your wedding day photography!

Find a Beautiful Hanger for Your Beautiful Dress

You agonized over the perfect wedding gown and spent time altering and cleaning every last detail. Add to the beauty of your dress with a beautiful hanger and removing all the excess paper and tags. This could be as easy as utilizing a wooden hotel hanger or can go to the extent of buying a really amazing personalized wedding day hanger.

Clean that Ring!

Your fiancé did such an amazing job finding the engagement ring that oh so suited your personality and signified the love between you two. Give it a good clean and make sure it shines its best on your wedding day! Most jewelers are more than happy to do this for you if you like the day before. If you run out of time, there are always home remedies you can do to get that diamond blinding bright.

Prep Room Cleanliness

Also try to keep in mind the condition of your prep room. Photos of the bride and her bridesmaids helping each other with their jewelry while indulging in a little bubbly can make for some really memorable moments. But food wrappers, deodorant bottles and purses thrown all over the room can distract from these adorable moments. Put your maid of honor in charge, and try to keep all excess products and bags to one dedicated area of the room allowing the photographer to utilize the rest of the room with your ladies. Same goes for you gents too!

Deliver Flowers Early

Remember to have your florist deliver your bouquet and boutonnières to the prep rooms instead of the ceremony site. Your photographer will be able to capture the details of your bouquet at a down moment and not risk missing anything at the ceremony. And of course they always add to bridal party portraits as well!

Remember to Bring Your Important Details

Framing your wedding invitation is always a favorite thing for the parents to do following their child’s wedding. Though I’m quite sure it will proudly be on your wall for a few years, it will likely work it’s way to the basement as your family and life grow. To always remember your invitation, make sure you have a copy of all the printed materials with you on your wedding day to be captured on camera.

And what about all those other details that are so important to you and your fiancé. A special drink at the reception, flowers dedicated to family not present, super special bridesmaid gifts… Of course every photographer wants to capture these things for you, but make it very clear in a list of what is most important to you to make sure nothing is missed.

Consider a Break from Tradition

A ‘first look’ can be a great way to get all of your portraits taken with your bride/groom-to-be. Your hair and makeup are fresh and especially in the summer, you aren’t all sweaty yet from your ceremony. Consider blocking an hour and doing these portraits before your ceremony to allow ample time for your photographer to capture creative and timeless portraits for you.

Not interested in a first look? Totally understand! Just make sure you block that time after the ceremony. Now if portraits aren’t important to you and you just want to get to the party, that’s great, as everyone has different priorities at their wedding. Just make that clear up front with your photographer and understand you will have fewer portraits.

Hopefully Not-so-Awkward Family Photos

Family/friend photos are important to everyone at their wedding. Often it’s one of the few times in life that all the family has gathered in one location. Make sure you get a detailed list to your photographer ahead of time so they know exactly what shots you need. Also assign your best man or maid of honor to help heard the groups when they are done so everyone can move on to the important part…the PARTY!

Scheduled Departure

Fear you will run out of time with your photographer at the end of the night before your big departure? Schedule it ahead of time. Check out this great idea on Pinterest. Have a set time so those who would like to see you leave but can’t stay until 1 am know when the main reception will end. Once you’ve had your main exit with your photographer, you can always circle back around to continue dancing the night away with your friends.

I hope some of these tips will help you with your big day! Have any questions or other tips? Please share them with everyone in the comments below!

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