Dallas, Tx Family Portraits | The Webbs

I have been photographing the gorgeous Webb family since little Brooklyn here was still in her mommy’s tummy! Check out some of their previous posts here: maternity portraits, toddler portraits, and family portraits. As you can tell, if you check out some of the previous posts…Brooklyn’s relationship with her monkey continues to be tight! She just loves having her picture taken with him.

Daddy and his little boy! Unfortunately Cooper is at that age where he couldn’t care less about having his picture taken. Thanks to modern technology though, I was able to Photoshop together two images to get the great shot on the right of both of them looking at the camera.

Though Brooklyn is a fan of having her picture taken, a portrait session still calls for a break to run and echo your screams through a tunnel. 🙂

Ohhhh, I just love the way Brooklyn is looking at her little bro, Cooper. So freaking cute!

‘You still don’t want your portrait taken? Ok, let’s race!’

Cooper doesn’t like having dirt on his feet, so of course we had to stop and pick all that out. 😉

You Webbies make for one gorgeous family!

L~ F~:

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