To My Crazy Valentina

Dear Valentina,

I write this open letter to you on the eve of your first birthday, which seems fitting as our lives run on the last minute these days. I can’t believe it’s been a year since you rocketed into our lives, two weeks early I might add. Rip roaring and ready from the get go! I have to say, and very bluntly since you can’t read this anyway, I was scared shitless. Still am, every day. I guess it would be most honest to say I’m just winging this whole parenting thing day to day. Seriously, though we’ve made it a whole year so far, so score one for us!

People had told me there is no love stronger than what you feel for your child, but I never realized how intense the love would be. It brings me to tears sometimes to look at you knowing your Daddy and I created you…this perfect tiny human. You bring me to tears other times too when you drive me insane, but thankfully those tears are fewer. For now, we’ll see how we navigate those pesky teenage years.

In your first year you have grown into you own amazing personality. Determined and stubborn, you are definitely our child. Refusing to crawl you made us worry only to jump up and start walking at 10 months. You walk around babbling to everyone until they smile at you and if for some reason someone doesn’t look you way, you shout at them continuously until they do!

I have no idea what your future will hold. I know you will be capable of great things…amazing things! My wish is you get your Grandma Hill’s artistic talent, Grandpa Hill’s faith, Grandma Smith’s heart and generosity, Grandpa Smith’s wisdom, your Daddy’s intelligence and athletic ability, and perhaps just a bit of my determination and fire. But not too much, I’m still your mother…don’t sass me!

Your Daddy and I love you more than we could probably ever explain to you and we look forward to so many wonderful years with you. Now please, please take a nap for longer than 30 minutes. Pretty please, I’ll give you a cookie.

All the Love in the World,

Mommy & Daddy

L~ F~:

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