Meet Leah Valentine – Santa Barbara Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Leah Valentine Photography - Santa Barbara Wedding and Portrait Photographer

What’s just as important as our experiences in life? Immortalizing those experiences through photographs. This has always been top on the importance scale to me personally: sky diving in Australia, scuba diving in Thailand, backpacking across Europe with my now husband…the ability to relive those thrilling and warm moments every time I look at the photos is one of the reasons I love photography so much. But nothing holds a candle to the importance I have placed on photography since the day my daughter, Valentina, entered this world. Forever immortalizing fleeting moments in time as her first year flew by in a flash, that is the magic of photography.

Want to know a little bit about me? My dance moves are what legends are made of….good or bad, the jury is still out. Even living on the west coast I remain an avid Broad Street Bullies fan. GO FLYERS! After four years of college ball, I still play soccer. Albeit, much slower these days. I am a third generation Italian-American who is still working on perfecting my version of the family’s signature summer dish, spaghetti and crabs.

Of course I have to give a special shout out to my loved ones who support me every day. Photography has been with me my whole life from my first camera, a pink Mini Mouse camera as a child, to my Elan 7 film camera in my high school and college courses. But, the real journey began in the summer of 2008 when my husband Zach suggested we buy our first DSLR camera. From that moment, the world of photography had a hold of me and I knew I wanted to make it my profession. Instead of looking at me like I was crazy, Zach went online and bought me a website domain. And my family, who could have also easily dismissed this insane dream, simply replied “how can we help”. Thank you to my loving husband and my overwhelmingly supportive family. Without all of you I would have never had the courage to keep pushing myself into the unknown. You give me the strength to move forward, especially on those days when I’d rather shy away from the challenges before me.