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What’s just as important as our experiences in life? Immortalizing those experiences through photographs. This has always been top on the importance scale to me personally: sky diving in Australia, scuba diving in Thailand, backpacking across Europe with my now husband…the ability to relive those thrilling and warm moments every time I look at the photos is one of the reasons I love photography so much. But nothing holds a candle to the importance I have placed on photography since the day my daughters entered this world. Forever immortalizing fleeting moments in time as the years fly by in a flash, that is the magic of photography!

Want to know a little bit of my photography history? I have loved taking pictures my whole life, starting with a pink Mini Mouse camera I was given as a child. I began taking courses in film photography throughout high school and college. Then in 2008 when I was working with United Way in Charlottesville, VA, I met a local photography legend, Jim Carpenter, who agreed to train me as an apprentice. I worked with him for five years and learned SO MUCH before my husband and I made the big move to California. Today I have been in business for 14 years serving the Santa Barbara area as well as Philadelphia and Long Beach Island, NJ where I return to regularly to visit family.

My goal as a photographer is to not only capture beautiful portraits of my clients, but also make it a fun and enjoyable experience. I work with you every step of the way to make sure we make your vision come to life!

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